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Thank you for your interest in the ROCKY RUN HERD. Rocky Run has been breeding Saanens since 1972. (4 decades and counting!) There have had many proud moments over the years including 1990 ADGA Reserve National Grand Champion and 1992 National Saanen Premier Breeder. 2005’s ADGA National Show was exciting with Cherub winning the aged doe class then being 1st place Dam & Daughter paired with Angel. 2009 was a year for LA and showing at the District VII SAANEN SPECIALTY—both events made me proud.

The herd has been on DHIR test all but one year following the move to this farm. Linear Appraisal has been done almost each year. In 2008 I had signed up but with Don’s passing my heart & spirit were just not in it to get the herd ready. Multiple scores are listed for does with more then one appraisal. No score= no appraisal.

KIDS are raised on free choice cold RAW milk. The herd has tested CAE Negative over 20 years. I would not be feeding RAW milk if I had any reservations about herd health.

TERMS OF SALE: A $100.00 deposit is required to hold your reservation. Please make a first and second choice. If your choice of kid is not born, I refund your deposit. Prices are at the farm at 4-5 weeks of age. Vet work and shipping are extra. I like to ship kids at one month of age. Balance owed is due on notification of birth. A Discount of $25.00 on kids picked up by two weeks of age.

SHIPPING: I ship out of Seattle. When shipping is necessary, I need to know your nearest MAJOR airport and which airlines serve it. If you need to call about your order, the best time is between 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM Pacific. E-mail is another good way to ask questions or set up a time for a phone call.

The following breeding schedule/plan is subject to change. As you look over the pedigrees you will notice many does are sired by AI. AI for 2015 kids is no guarantee the doe will settle. BEFORE you send a deposit for an AI kid call to make sure the doe is settled from the AI.

I don't get to many shows these days. DHIR is still a constant with does needing to pay the bills. LA is planned for 2015 and Lord willing the ADGA National Show in Oregon.

Breeding Schedule/Plan for 2015 kids

Cupid Sherman Bred Nov 28th $1,000.00 AD
Charm Leopold (AI) Bred Nov 8th $1,000.00 FD BR
Angel Sherman Bred Oct 17th $600.00
D-lite Sherman January 2015 $450.00 DR
Saschet Archer Bred Oct 18th $1,000.00 AD
Fire-fly Leopold (AI) Bred Nov 1st $600.00 DR
Relish Sherman Bred Oct 17th $600.00 FD
Tia Sherman Bred Nov 11th $450.00
Rayna Sherman January 2015 $450.00
Lavender * OPEN Milking Through
Praise * Sherman Bred Dec 18th $400.00 DR
Jitterbug * Sherman Bred Oct 31st $400.00
* Rear shots of Jitterbug and Praise taken in May at regular milking time. No photo of Lavender at this time. See them below.

FD - First doe to remain in herd DR - Doe Reserved
FB - First buck to remain in herd BR - Buck Reserved
AD - all does to remain in herd
** - ONLY doe kids for sale from first fresheners + - DOE KIDS ONLY

Pricing policy for kids from the mature does:
Doe with LA score or DHIR record = $400.00
Doe with both LA & DHIR records = $450.00
Doe with LA & *M status plus one or more milking GCH wins = $500.00
Non-Champion *M does with LA of 89 or more = $600.00
GCH doe with FS under 90 = $800.00
GCH doe with FS of 90 or more = $1,000.00

Sorry NO pictures of Lavender yet
S1595588 DOB: 3-27-12

01-03 FS83 +EE+ just fresh 8 days at LA she likely could
not have looked worse. I expect this doe to only go UP in FS.
Amazing milking yearling working on an extended lactation:
1-03 305 2350 82 3.5% 69 2.9% 493 3820 129 112—still milking!

Sire: Lake Country Satin Jiggalo Dam: GCH Saschet
S1592880 DOB: 3-20-12

1-09 275 2050 69 3.4% 57 2.8% --in progress

Sire: Saber Dam: Seraphim
S1592871 DOB: 3-15-12

1-09 272 1690 59 3.5% 47 2.8%--in progress

Sire: Redemption Dam: Fire-Fly

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