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Welcome to Rocky Run Farm, location of Rocky Run Goat Dairy LLC, a licensed RAW fluid milk Dairy. Also home of Rocky Run Saanens and Rocky Run Boer Goats.

There have been many changes over the years we have owned goats. (since 1972!) Like many we began small with a show herd at the old farm. We progressed to a commercial herd selling milk to a cheese processor, expanded and moved to the current farm in 1977! At one time we milked 60+ does with a herd of Saanens and Lamanchas. It was not unusual to have 100 or more goats on the place certain times of the year.

After 13 years we gave up selling milk to the cheese processor and went back to keeping a herd of show goats. We added Boer goats in 1996 by using a FB Boer buck to breed some first freshening does. We kept a few of the % does to raise meat kids. We enjoyed the Boer goats enough to add FULL BLOOD does to the mix in 2005. We always had a Full Blood buck. About this same time we decided to sell the Lamanchas and concentrate on the Purebred Saanens and Boer breeding.

Early in 2006 we went through the process of licensing to sell fluid RAW milk. Washington State is one of the states that allow RAW milk to be sold from licensed producer/processor facilities. ONLY milk produced here at the farm can be bottled and sold RAW. We are one of many small "micro-dairies” licensed in Washington. Take a cyber tour of our Dairy with the link to the left!

I still do a number of shows with the Saanens. Our does have won many honors over the years locally and at several National Shows we were able to attend. In addition to shows we do Linear Appraisal almost every year. We have been on DHIR test since we lived at the other farm. We breed for long level lactations with an emphasis on high butterfat and good components. Our goats just don't have to look pretty, they have to milk well, be structurally sound and easy to get along with.

The Boer does are selected for good temperament, excellent mothering, fertility, and structural soundness. We can honestly say we keep the best and meat the rest!

Thank you for visiting.

Don & Pat Hendrickson

March 12, 2008 my best friend, lover and soul mate, Don, passed away. The goats were a team effort over all these years. Don remains here in spirit. I can't go through a day without being reminded of all the things we did and times we shared.

If you ever met Don in person or just wondered about the ‘better half' of Rocky Run, please visit: http://www.mem.com/Story.aspx?ID=2343048 View the video or still photos from the Celebration of Don's life. Read the guest book entries and add your own comments if desired. In 80+ years Don/Dude lived a full life. He will forever be a part of mine. As my tribute to Don his name will remain on our introductory page. All this would not have happened without his love and support.

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