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Goat Blanket Instructions

Make a paper pattern using gift wrapping paper. Drawing measurements are for 30inch coat. Coat is measured from back of neck (where it joins the withers) to tail head.

To make larger coats add 2" in back length and 1" in depth. Decrease 2/1 for smaller coats.

I use quilted material for my goat blankets. If you want a light weight single layer a denim type material would be sturdy and washable.

Place pattern on fold. Cut out.

Fold deep 3/4" darts for rump 3" from center back fold. (will be closer on kid size and darts 1/2" deep)

Sew darts. Fold dart towards bottom edge and sew down along outside edge. Attach elastic. On large doe size top attachment is approximately 6" below dart.

Sew front together below neck opening. Make a finished seam. (sew wrong sides together 1/4 inch in, reverse sew rights sides together 3/8 inch in.) This makes a seam with hidden raw edges.

Apply extra wide seam binding to neck opening and outside edge.

I have Blankets from 20 inches to 34 inches. These cover the range of around 40 pounds up to my biggest Saanen does at 240+.

Remember to increase/decrease the neck opening slightly as you increase/decrease Blanket size.

Nautica, a 2 year old Lamancha, models the finished product.

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