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BOER goats have been in the herd since 1996. Adding meat goats made sense with the demand for goat meat and Boer breeding stock what it is. I was talked into showing our Percentage Boer does in 2002 at a fair. I was already there with Dairy goats so why not? I kept what I always felt were my BEST % does to breed. I was very pleased to see the Judge felt the same way with one of the young does getting the Jr. Ch. Percentage win! Needless to say this got me into limited Boer showing.

Full Blood Boer does were added fall of 2005. There has always been FB bucks in our breeding. I introduced some outside genetics with AI in the Boers just like I have done with the Saanens.

The Boer herd is small but nice. I am striving to produce quality breeding stock with my Boer herd. My ideal Boer female should be productive with multiple kids each year, milk well to feed her 2-4 kids and be an excellent mother. She should be able to do this for 7-10 years. She naturally will have to be sound and of correct meat goat style. Bucks should be correct in structure plus have length and width with heavy muscling in all the right places.

The Percentage does are descended from some of my top Dairy lines. There are some Lamancha/Boer crosses with 88% females STILL showing ELF EARS! That tiny Lamancha ear is a strong genetic trait; however the cross is one of the best for muscling and carcass quality! Most of the % does have eared kids now. As the old gals pass on that earless trait will be lost.

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